Bill Mason Waterwalker Film

It’s easy to get lost in the ever important details of life, and it’s easy to transpose those details to other aspects of our lives, even those that are supposed to be about having fun. The canoeing documentary called Waterwalker, produced by Bill Mason, might remind us why we chose paddling as a passion.

Bill Mason was a Canadian naturalist, author, artist, filmmaker, and conservationist, noted primarily for his popular canoeing books, films, and art. He was born in 1929 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and he died of cancer in 1988. He produced the documentary film Waterwalker in 1980, where he relayed his appreciation for canoeing and nature to the world as he paddled his way along the coast of Lake Superior. As he pursued his passion for canoeing through Canada and the United States he refined whitewater and river running paddling techniques for complex situations to be adopted by many paddlers today.

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