Alps Mountaineering Tent Reviews – Axis, Chaos, Edge, Neptune, Topaz

There are several different models of Alps Mountaineering tents, all of which are made out of quality materials and are perfect for any camping trip. These camping tents vary in size so that they can accommodate any camping party. People who enjoy hiking would benefit from these freestanding backpacking tents. They feature lots of interior space as well as plenty of weather protection from hard winds and rain. Having a waterproof tent is absolutely necessary, and that is exactly what you will find with these tents. The seams on the floors are factory sealed to ensure that no water can get in. In addition, the tents are able to be tightly secured so that they can withstand strong winds. Choose which tent would be best for you depending on what qualities you are looking for. For example, perhaps you want plenty of storage space inside your tent, or maybe you want to be able to fall asleep looking out at the stars. Whatever you want in your tent, you are sure to find it with one of the Alps Mountaineering tents. Keep reading to find out about five of the Alps Mountaineering tents and what each individual one features so that you can make an informed decision as to which one would be best for you and your family.

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Alps Mountaineering AxisAlps Mountaineering Axis

The Axis tent comes in three different sizes, which are the Axis 3, the Axis 4, and the Axis 5 tents, all which increase in size and all are special buys. These tents have a polyester taffeta rainfly and the floor has a polyurethane coating. Both the rainfly and the coating on the floor are factory seam sealed, which allows for great water protection. The canopy, which is also polyester taffeta has large mesh panels which are great for ventilation. The walls are protected against condensation buildup because they are uncoated, which allows them to breathe under the rainfly. The pole clips allow the user to enjoy a quick assembly as well as a fast time packing the tent. The poles are made out of aluminum, which makes them durable and strong, as well as lightweight. There are two convenient doors in this tent, which makes it easier to get in and out without crawling over a bunch of people. Both of the doors have mesh zippered windows, and one of the doors helps in cross ventilation, which is very convenient when camping in hot and muggy weather. When the tent is purchased, it comes with stakes and guy ropes.

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Alps Mountaineering ChaosAlps Mountaineering Chaos

The Chaos tents come in two different sizes, the Chaos 2 and the Chaos 3. These tents feature a freestanding design, which makes it very easy to set up. There is also a lot of room in the interior of this tent and it has large front doors which allow people to easily come in and out of the tent. It also has a rainfly that offers both weather protection and much needed ventilation. The floor of these tents are factory seam sealed and they are made from a heavy duty polyester taffeta and they also have a polyurethane coating, which makes it very durable. Condensation is not something that has to be worried about because these tents have mesh windows as well as mesh panels in the ceiling, which allows for cross ventilation. The tent poles are the 7000 series aluminum poles and they have a clip system to support the tent. The tent is also able to be stabilized in the wind because of the guyout points on the rainfly. When this tent is purchased, it comes with the stakes, guylines, and a carrying bag. This freestanding tent can be used for three seasons and the polyester taffeta fabrics make it a good quality tent.

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Alps Mountaineering EdgeAlps Mountaineering Edge

The Alps Mountaineering Edge tent is a great freestanding, dome tent that will protect you from any harsh weather. The tents poles are made up of the 7000 series aluminum, so they are both strong and lightweight. The tent also has pole clips which make setup quick and easy. The tent is also waterproof, as it is made up of a polyester taffeta canopy and a coated polyester taffeta rainfly. The floor also ensures waterproofing because it has factory sealed seams. The Edge tent also offers the convenience of storing all of your gear in its two very large vestibules. These vestibules can also be used as your guyout points, which will stabilize the tent whenever the weather gets less than desirable. The rainfly is attached to the tent with a secure and adjustable attachment. You can lay and look at the stars through the mesh ceiling vents, which doubles in purpose as a great way to ensure airflow throughout the tent. The tent comes with stakes, guylines, and stuff sacks.

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Alps Mountaineering Neptune

The Neptune tent is a 2 pole, freestanding dome tent that is great for people who want easy access to get in and out and well as to have plenty of room to store their gear. This tent has easy exit and entry because it has double doors as well as vestibules, which are great to store your gear in. The tents poles are aircraft grade aluminum alloy poles which means that they are both strong and lightweight. It also has pole clips which ensure easy and fast setup of the tent. The tough nylon canopy is beneficial because it is breathable material and the floors seams are factory sealed, which ensures waterproofing. The coated polyester rainfly also ensures waterproofing because it has factory sealed seams as well. The two vestibules can be used for storage as well as guyout points, which will help stabilize the tent in nasty weather. The rainfly is securely attached to the tent with an adjustable attachment. The mesh ceiling vents are nice because they allow airflow through the tent, as well as allows campers to look outside at the stars. The Alps Mountaineering Neptune tent also features mesh storage pockets as well as a gear loft which is great for organizing your gear. The tent comes with the stuff sack, the guylines, and the stakes.

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Alps Mountaineering TopazAlps Mountaineering Topaz

The Alps Mountaineering Topaz tent is a great family tent that can be used as the base camp while the family enjoys the camping trip. This freestanding tent can stand as tall as 5 ft. 7 in. and has a lot of interior space to move around. The two large doors make it easy for people to enter in and out of the tent. The tent is protected from the weather with the help of the rainfly, which has all the seams factory sealed to ensure waterproofing. The seams on the tents floor are also factory sealed to help with the waterproofing. The floor is made up of a heavy duty polyester oxford with a waterproofing coating. The tent has large mesh panels, which reduce the condensation buildup as well as help with airflow throughout the tent. The tents poles are made up of fiberglass and are shock corded. They use a clip system to hold up the tent and the guyout points on the rainfly help to stabilize the tent in nasty weather. The tent also has mesh pockets that allow people to keep their gear safe and organized. The tent comes with a carrying case, the stakes, and guylines.

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